Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mortgage Loan Modification Tips - 4 Crucial Tips to Increase Your Chances For Approval

Over one million individuals have been approved for loan modifications, saving their families the embarrassment of dealing with the foreclosure process. Unfortunately, there have been millions denied due to filing errors and mistakes in the paperwork. The following mortgage loan modification tips could help you improve your chances of being approved.

Why are some borrowers lucky enough to be approved when others seem to be falling through the cracks? The following tips will help you to increase your chances of being approved:

4 Mortgage loan Modification Tips to a Successful Approval

1. Become familiar with all the new laws and regulations for preparing a new loan mod in you area and for your specific lender. It just makes sense to prepare yourself to avoid making detrimental mistakes with your initial application.

2. Consider getting the help of a professional experienced and knowledgeable in filing successful loan modification applications. If you submit an application and it is denied, your chances of filing successfully a second time will be severely affected.

3. Have your application package prepared prior to submitting any paperwork to your lender. Submitting an application which lacks valuable documents or information will most definitely slow down the approval process.

4. Gathering all of the necessary documents like pay stubs, W2's, all relevant bank statements and monthly bills will enable you and your loan modification expert to evaluate your current financial situation properly. Once you have all of your information together have it reviewed by your expert and discuss any alternative options before you take the next step in filing for a loan mod.

Following the above listed mortgage loan modification tips could increase your chances of success. Loan mods are not routinely approved -- it is not a simple matter and should not be attempted on your own. Success does depend on preparation, so working with individuals experienced in this financial arena could save your family home from foreclosure.

Don't worry about having to face your lender on your own; there are loan mod services out there who can help fight for you. Your lender will be prepared to deal with this situation and now you can have your own team of experts willing to work hard for your family. Avoid mistakes and increase your chances of having your application quickly approved. Many times, simple guidance or getting answers from professionals who have been there before can make a world of difference.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Basics Of 2nd Refinance Mortgage Loan And Its Interest Rates

The benefit of having a home ownership is that you have the privilege to borrow money using this ownership in the form of a 2nd refinance mortgage loan. Few years ago most of the banks as well as renders were totally against concept of 2nd mortgages. Hence these lenders used to curtail the circumstances which would allow borrower to get 2nd mortgage loans. In fact this sort of loan was a proof of an ongoing financial crisis in borrower’s life. But as the time passes things start undergoing too many changes and so does this concept. Now no longer 2nd mortgage loan concept is considered as a disgraceful act rather you get wide range of options in order to fit your exact requirements. It is even much easier for someone to avail a second mortgage loan.

Now that we are done with the basic concept of 2nd refinance mortgage loan, it is the right time to know about its interest rates. Today one can easily avail 2nd refinance loan for a very affordable rate of interest. This circumstance has arrived due to the tough competition in the market. Moreover in some of the cases the payable interest is too lower than the prime pending rate. Now it is possible to convert your home ownership or your equity to the profitable credit. The benefit of this provision is that you can anytime lend money against your property whenever required. You should also know that as a result of this action your property or home is pledged in the form of a security. Hence the choice of financial deal should be totally appropriate and suitable which can keep up to your budget limits and also brings an income for a long time.

Let us now see few differences between second refinance mortgage and the first refinance mortgage. A 2nd refinance loan is received after your first mortgage loan. The asset used as security is same which is used in the first loan. This is basically dependent on the rate of equity of that particular property. The difference between the present value and the total amount which borrower owes on it will be counted here. Normally the 2nd refinance loan interest rate is comparatively higher than the first refinance loan. Also the total transaction fees of second mortgage are lower than the first one. While you the 2nd refinance loan you would have various types to choose from.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Reverse Mortgage Calculator: Essential Tools For Future Borrowers

A reverse mortgage calculator is an online tool used to determine the payout one can expect to receive from a reverse mortgage. In addition to payouts, many calculators will also compute a borrower’s expected closing costs, interest rate, and mortgage insurance premiums. These tools are typically used to help borrowers determine whether they would be eligible for a loan, as well as how much they would qualify for should they choose to apply.

How to Use a Reverse Mortgage Calculator

To use a reverse mortgage calculator, borrowers will input their age, the estimated value of their home, zip code, and the remaining balance of their mortgage loan if applicable. The calculator will use this information to determine whether the borrower would qualify for a reverse mortgage loan based on his or her age and amount of equity.

Borrowers who would qualify for a reverse mortgage will be shown a few different options. In many cases, consumers will be shown how much they would qualify for through a fixed-rate HECM Standard, an adjustable-rate HECM Standard, and an HECM Saver. Consumers will also be shown how much they can expect to receive if they choose to accept their money in a lump sum, line of credit, or receive monthly payments.

Many calculators also calculate payouts based on a combination of payment options. For example, a person may want to receive a portion of their cash as a lump sum and the remaining portion as monthly payments. This is a popular option with borrowers who will be repaying their mortgage loan with a portion of their payout.

Consumers might also be able to calculate their expected interest rate, mortgage insurance premiums, closing costs, and loan origination fee. This is done to help consumers compare their estimated payout with the amount of money they can expect to pay for a loan. While fees can be rolled into a reverse mortgage loan, they are still important to consider. Any fees rolled into a loan must be repaid, plus interest, once the home is sold.

What to Remember When Using a Reverse Mortgage Calculator

While using a reverse mortgage calculator, consumers must understand that the calculations they receive are estimates. A reverse mortgage calculator will not be able to tell a consumer whether he or she would definitely qualify for a loan. These calculators are simply offered to give consumers an idea of what they might be able to qualify for.

Mortgage calculators are great tools for potential borrowers to use prior to applying for a loan. At first, reverse mortgages may seem overwhelming. There are not only several different loan and payment types, but borrowers are required to pay certain fees, closing costs, and mortgage insurance premiums. reverse mortgage calculators lay out a consumer’s different options, making them much easier to understand.

The goal of using a calculator is to understand how a reverse mortgage might benefit an individual. After using a reverse mortgage calculator, a borrower should come away with a better understanding of these loans, as well as their possible eligibility.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Are You A First Time Buyer Mortgage In Ireland

The Republic of Ireland is one of the greatest places in the world to live. The scenery is astounding and the people in the Republic are kind and generous. It is an amazing place to buy a home, so many first time buyers are flocking to the area in hopes of gaining their first home. The first time buyer mortgage is a little more cumbersome than the future mortgages will be, but the homeowner mortgage is something that many people desire to have.

It is important to note that most first time buyers do not keep their original mortgage for a long time. Often times the mortgage rates are higher, and most buyers tend to refinance as soon as they can. One must also understand though that this first homeowner mortgage is an essential step in building equity and getting comfortable in the home buying market.

There are different types of loan options that are available for a first time buyer mortgage. The most typical one of these is a 30 year fixed rate. This basically means that you will have the same mortgage payment every month for the next 360 months. This seems like a long time, but this is an expensive investment, so many people need that long to pay off the home. Remember too that refinancing is an option, but the 30 year fixed is the most common mortgage across the globe. Many people may be able to also reduce the number of years that they sign up for with their first mortgage. There are 25, 20, 15, and 10 year mortgages as well. This lowered amount of months means that you will save a lot of money in interest over the life of the loan, but it also means that your monthly payment will be substantially higher. There are many other types of loans available, but the fixed years and rates are usually the main types that first time buyers can receive.

The down payment is another important part of the buying process. It is estimated that buyers put 20 percent down on the cost of the house. This down payment comes off of your mortgage so your rates will be lower each month. This also means that your interest will be lowered, but it does not mean that the interest rate will be lower. The bigger the down payment that you can make; the lower your monthly payments will be. The Republic of Ireland has a ton of great homes to choose from, so start saving up some money for your first home right now.

The first time buyer mortgage is going to give buyers the opportunity to get their feet wet in the housing market. The mortgage will be standard, but remember that you will have to pay for any taxes, closing costs, and any other related fees. These can sometimes be rolled into your overall mortgage cost, but that is not always the case. You will have to talk with your lender to get the specific details. A homeowner mortgage is attainable, but you have to get your finances in order and be prepared for a long process. The Republic of Ireland has homes to buy, so first time home buyers should take the chance to get into this pristine and special area.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Obama Mortgage Plan For First Time Homebuyers And Mortgage Refinancing

First-time homebuyers and current homeowners now have unprecedented access to home purchasing power under the Obama Economic Recovery Act of 2009 to help jumpstart the US housing market and the flagging economy. Because of this recently enacted legislation, potential home buyers and current homeowners now have the opportunity to either receive a one-time home purchasing tax credit or refinance their current mortgages.

These new programs, in addition to existing tax credits and grants, can provide much needed help to those who require it during these trying economic times, regardless of past or current credit situations. The program is meant to help people find homes but to also stay in their current homes and enjoy the security of the biggest, best investment they will make in their lives.

Buying Your First Home under Obama Legislation

Qualified first time homebuyers, under the housing stimulus component of the Obama economic plan can now take advantage of a refundable income tax credit of up to 10% of the total home purchase price, up to $8,500. Once you file your annual income taxes, this credit will be refunded to you. However, if you file before the deadline, you can receive this refund almost instantly once you file an amended tax return for the current tax year.

In addition to this home-buying credit, lenders are even advancing qualified homebuyers the value of their credit to put towards the down payment on their new home. Another way first time homebuyers can save is to purchase foreclosed homes through banks that own the properties now and through property auctions. Often, qualified buyers can get historically low interest rates on new mortgages. To avoid a mortgage meltdown, seek out a lender that will offer a fixed rate mortgage instead of an adjustable rate mortgage. This will give you the security of knowing your monthly mortgage payment and the interest will remain the same throughout the life of your mortgage.

Refinancing Your Current mortgage

Existing homeowners also stand to benefit from this portion of President Obama's economic plan with the Home Affordability Program or HAP. Under HAP, current qualified homeowners can refinance their existing mortgages to a historically low rate of 4.5%. This program is a great help to those owners who have seen their property values lose such significant value that they would not otherwise qualify for traditional home mortgage refinancing programs.

Many of these homeowners who are stuck in these underwater mortgages typically had adjustable rate mortgages with balloon payments or monthly payments that doubled or tripled upon the resetting of these mortgages. Often, these new payments, coupled with the unstable housing market, were simply unaffordable for most of these homeowners.

Determining Eligibility

Determining whether you qualify for either the new homeowner tax credit or the Home Affordability Program is as simple as contacting a reputable qualified lender. Your new lender should be able to inform you of any available government grants, programs and also let you know of what your new interest rate and monthly payment will be, in addition to savings over your existing mortgage.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mortgage Loan Modification - 4 Effective Ways To Make Your Application A Success

Over a million of loan modification applications have been approved by participating lenders, preventing borrowers from going through hassle of dealing with foreclosure. The sad truth is that many more applications were denied, mostly due to simple mistakes or filing errors. What many people do not realize is that loan modification denial most commonly happens due to their own fault, as they fail to comply with guidelines set by modification program, do not properly communicate with their lender, or make other mistakes that could have been easily avoided.

To avoid going through modification process second time, it is important to do everything right the first time. Below are the tips that may help you to make your loan modification application a successful one.

Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

Loan modification program is not perfect, as government adopted it under public pressure and time constraints. Therefore, there are changes made to it constantly, aiming to improve it. Becoming familiar with constantly changing laws that regulate loan modification is necessary. Make sure you know what you are entitled to and what is required of you under modification program.

Get Professionals on Your Side

Since laws are hard to comprehend by most people, it is highly advisable to get and experienced and knowledgeable professional on your side. A professional in loan modification may not only provide you with general guidance, but also spot mistakes in your application before your lender processes it. Remember: your chances of being approved are lesser, should your first modification application be rejected.

Make Sure Your Application Is Complete

Incomplete applications that lack required documents are the most common reason for loan modification denial. It is important to have your application package double-checked before sending it to lender. It is always better to have a loan modification expert look at your paperwork to ensure everything is in place, including your financials, bank statements, paystubs, and so forth. In case you miss some valuable documentation, your application may be denied.

Always Follow Up On Your Application

Despite the fact that government made all the steps to speed up the application processing times, some lenders are quite slow. It is important to communicate with your lender on a constant basis to ensure timely processing of your application. In addition, proper communication may help reveal imperfections on your application, such as lacking documents, and give you sufficient time to gather and submit those before a final decision is made.

Above steps may help you to get approved for a loan modification and to avoid mistakes that people most commonly make. If you are unsure of how the entire process works, seek the help of modification experts. Many resources offer consultations free of charge or for a nominal fee that may help to clear up many uncertain issues. There are also companies that provide an objective assessment of your case, establish eligibility, and assist in loan modification application preparation. Using professional services may greatly improve your chances of success. Remember: you are the one in trouble, and every effort should be made to protect your most valued asset – your home from going into foreclosure.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Obtain A Jumbo Mortgage Loan For A More Expensive House

A jumbo mortgage loan is merely a very large mortgage loan just like its term suggests. Far more precisely, a jumbo mortgage is a mortgage loan where the amount which is financed is much more when compared to the amount which has been set by GSE or Government Sponsored Enterprises who establishes the rules for jumbo loans. GSE is actually a group of financial companies which keeps access to home loans as well as cuts down on the expense of the loans so that consumers can acquire houses. The traditional guideline amount that has been established for a mortgage loan by GSE has been $600,000.00 because this is the total amount which GSE has set as part of their duties.

If a mortgage is actually bigger than this particular total amount then it receives the category of becoming a jumbo mortgage. Given that we all know that there are numerous houses that are more expensive as compared to that amount, then we should understand that the need for a jumbo loan has grown because property prices have raised as much as there are homes that are offered. A lot of loan companies offer jumbo loans, nevertheless some creditors do not. A jumbo mortgage loan is going to bring more of a danger for a mortgage company because the mortgage repayments are usually quite high and no matter how good your financial situation, something can go wrong.

Furthermore, more expensive properties can take a lot longer to sell than a cheaper residence mainly because not as many people can pay for these homes, therefore if the homeowner should have financial difficulties it could take awhile to get free from the mortgage loan as well as a fall behind on the mortgage loan could occur. Numerous loan providers will demand a larger deposit on a jumbo mortgage because of the higher priced properties and the chance of financial concerns.

Interest rates will likely be higher for a mortgage loan that goes above the GSE's maximum guideline amount. With conventional mortgages a homebuyer may be able to get a house for minimum money down, nevertheless this is not so with a jumbo mortgage because of the inherent risk to the mortgage company. These larger loans will demand some money down, nevertheless the process to get a jumbo mortgage is very comparable to a regular mortgage for a more affordable home. In case you have found a property which has been hit by higher home prices, don't give up hope since there is probably a jumbo mortgage available for you should your credit is great, and you have the ability to settle the mortgage loan.

However, be ready for the loan to cost a little more than a smaller mortgage, not only with the amount borrowed but additionally to borrow the money. If you decide to visit a house that you want and you know you can pay for it, don't be deterred by the price since there is a solution to help you purchase your dream home.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

3 Great Reasons Why You Need A Mortgage Broker For Your Home Mortgage

Buying a home is never easy and often involves many complex transactions, but that is exactly why you really need a mortgage broker way before you even find a home to buy!

Even though there are plenty of great homes on the market, buying a home can be an exercise in frustration if you are not equipped with some very important tools. And one of the most important of these tools is a qualified, professional mortgage broker - preferably a local person in the city in which you are planning to buy. He or she is the "money person" you will need if you are taking out a mortgage on the property. And, when you do find that perfect home, you want to be ready to make a solid offer and to be able to close quickly.

Here are three reasons why I think you need a professional for your home mortgage..

Your Mortgage Broker will Save You Money

Your professional loan broker will shop around to find you the absolutely best combination of interest rates and closing expenses, based on your qualifications and needs. He or she has access to literally hundreds of mortgage companies who will quote rates and expenses for your home loan. Then your broker will choose the loan package that best suits you and your needs. Your broker will be able to get pricing from far more sources than you can working alone - practically guaranteeing that you'll save money.

Your Mortgage Broker will Save You Time

If your life isn't busy enough already, how about adding the process of finding, securing, qualifying for a mortgage - by yourself - to your long list of tasks? If you're like most folks, merely the thought of yet another task just may bring tears to your eyes.

Your local mortgage professional is efficient and does this for a living - let him or her take those chores from you. You will thank me for this alone!

Your Mortgage Broker is Looking Out For You

Sure, it's true - your local broker will earn a fee once your loan has closed. But, you do not pay that fee - the lender pays it and it is definitely earned. There is something else that many overlook - the fact that your mortgage broker is looking out for you. It's his or her job to steer you into an appropriate loan for your needs and your ability to afford. He will not suggest loan packages that are inappropriate for you, nor ones that you cannot afford.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

7 Tips to Get the Best Mortgage Deal

Getting a mortgage is a big step in everyone's life where you have the responsibility of a big investment that will stay with you for a long time. To get the most out of this investment, it's important to get the best mortgage deal around. It doesn't matter if you are a young professional looking to get your first property or a long-time investor wanting to add another mortgage to your list, everyone wants the best deal they can get.

In order to get started properly, there has to be a lot of thought and planning done ahead of time. Getting the best mortgage deal isn't something that will come overnight, because random unorganized plans may have you paying high interest rates and a mortgage that will take several decades to pay off.

Avoid the stress and hassle by considering seven simple tips to get yourself the best mortgage deal for a bright financial future.

Assess Yourself

Take a close look and list all of your debts and payments throughout the year. Look at the number of big-ticket items and loans or credit cards that you still have to pay off and how long it will take to do so. By writing out a list of everything you have to make payments on, you will be able to clearly see if a mortgage is realistic in your current situation or not.

If you find that another loan is not something that you would be able to handle at the moment, find out which steps you can take to make your situation better for the mortgage you desire.

Pay Your Bills

One of the biggest problems that many people have is the need to get the best mortgage deal but with a low credit rating. Most people get a low credit rating due to large outstanding payment needs for things like credit cards.Paying off the credit cards first will not only give you a higher credit rating but it will also give you more freedom to save a higher amount for your down payment.

List Your Desires

Make a quick list of the ideal properties that you would like to get. Do some research and see how much those particular properties (on average) are priced at. This is another way to see how realistic your goals are with your current financial standing. If they do not match up well, set your sights on something more affordable or find out how you can improve your standing to get a chance at what you ultimately would love to have.

Get a Low Rate

Getting the lowest rate possible is the main goal for the best mortgage deal. In order to get that low rate, it's important to have a good credit rating. It also doesn't hurt to have a good amount for down payment since that will translate to a lower amount that you will have to borrow.

If you don't have time to raise your credit rating or down payment amount, always remember to shop around. No one should ever go to one bank and accept the rate they offer, especially for such a big investment that will carry on into the future. Go to several different places to see the rates they offer and choose the best mortgage deal for you.

Consider Payment Options

There are different payment options available for mortgages and each one is made to suit one person or another. Look over your options and calculate each one to see which one is best. Some payment plans are made to be convenient and others are more specific to help you pay off your mortgage faster over time.

Although payment convenience will certainly take a load off your mind over the years, choosing the payment option that will help you pay off the debt in a shorter amount of time should be carefully considered.

Read the Fine Print

There are many different clauses and fine print when it comes to serious matters like a new mortgage, so it's very important to read everything thoroughly and understand exactly what you will get and what's expected of you. Knowing the fine print will save you from making an expensive mistake and the stress from unexpected occurrences.

Ask the Experts

If you are unsure about where you should begin or would like to get professional advice for the best mortgage deal that you can get, it's always possible to talk to a mortgage broker. They are experts in the field and know all there is to know about the places to get a good rate, the best plans to make payments and can explain all of the fine print in detail to ensure you understand everything before making that big investment.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Contract Mortgage Companies: A Cost Effective Way to Increase Security

If you do some research, you will soon find that identity thieves and hackers are able to evade a wide range of computer security features. Unfortunately, even if you have a dedicated IT staff and modern equipment, you may still be vulnerable to a number of security threats. In fact, you may even find that bulletins or critical security patches have been issued for software that you are using right in your own office. Without a question, all of these problems can be as costly as they are disturbing. Therefore, if you want to keep your sensitive data as safe as possible, it may be best to use contract mortgage companies for your processing needs.

Access to the Best IT Professionals with Contract Mortgage Companies

As a general rule of thumb, many contract mortgage companies make use of offshore employees to manage their transactions. While you may be able to find plenty of good IT professional right in your won country, chances are you will also wind up paying a good bit of money for their services. On the other hand, virtual contract mortgage companies are able to hire equally brilliant IT specialists for a fraction of the cost. Aside from keeping your data as safe as possible, you can also enjoy saving a good bit of money on your staffing needs.

State of the Art Equipment and Technologies

There is no question that biometric scanners, paperless offices, and other technologies can make financial transactions safer and easier to conduct. Unfortunately, the cost of purchasing the hardware, training, and implementing these new systems can be prohibitive. When you make use of contract mortgage companies, you will usually find that they are already taking advantage of all these technologies. At the very least, you will never need to worry about vital documents or sensitive information being used in an inappropriate way by various employees.

Reduce the Risk of Identity Theft and Fraud

No matter how you look at it, when a potential borrower provides you with sensitive information, you will always need to use and store it with the utmost care. If your hardware and software are not up to date, or your employees are not properly trained in security protocols, all kinds of data may wind up getting into the wrong hands. That said, when you utilize Contract mortgage companies, they will make use of a wide range of employee screening procedures and other methods to prevent identity theft and fraud from happening.

Even though computers can speed up financial transactions and offer a wide range of detailed investigative services, they also create a host of complex security issues. Without a question, if you are concerned about hackers getting into your computers, or identity thieves stealing sensitive information, working with contract mortgage companies may represent the best way to avoid these problems. At the very least, if you know that you need to upgrade your computers or security protocols, outsourcing with contract mortgage companies can give you some extra time to make a decision about these matters.

Contract mortgage companies helps mortgage brokers and bankers cut costs. There are many Commerical mortgage Processing Services that cater to mortgage Brokers and Lenders nationwide with a structured process to ensure success.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Remortgage Quotes - Learn The Methods That Can Help You Decide On The Best Loan For You

Internet shopping is often a fairly easier means to compare remortgage quotes, and all of it can be done at a website, without leaving your home. This website can enable you to evaluate numerous home loans, the different kinds, the disguised costs, and even the rates of interest. They can even help with other aspects to think about while choosing which loan is the top option for you in selecting your remortgage. One incredibly effortless way for finding some great information and check up on what your bank is telling you is by comparing these mortgages through a website. Specialist websites permit you to assemble and then compare and contrast interest rates while simultaneously providing you with crucial information for establishing which is the best remortgage for you.

You need to analyze and examine carefully a whole mortgage agreement so that you can opt for the ideal remortgage loan for you, many times people need to make a decision on whether to stay with your bank or choose a different lender. You can find several varieties of home loans to investigate, but most fall into two categories, a fixed rate versus an adjustable rate loan. The problem of a floating interest rate loan is usually that, after completion of the planned fixed payment period, payments might rise drastically. The major disadvantage of a fixed rate plan is that when the interest rate drops, you are bound to a higher interest rate payment schedule that can only be changed with refinancing.

Typically, a floating interest rate home finance loan goes with a reduced monthly interest rate, yet this differs in numerous conditions. Essentially, you simply won't have the ability to tell specifically what your monthly mortgage payments will be per month. Try to exercise caution since there could be obscure fees within these new loans that may severely raise up the expense. These might differ in their amount and in what will be placed in the loan deal.

Redemption, valuation and arraignment costs are a number of the most typical expense items. However, if you spend some time doing research online to compare and contrast these costs, you could get free or cut-rate fees for these products because of the high levels of competition that are in this niche presently. Naturally, tracking down the ideal remortgage quotes involves a lot more than just looking at the monthly interest payments you will have once you get your mortgage contract. Contemplating the additional charges along with bills that happen to be associated with the latest bank loan is actually integral in evaluating which loan company you will choose to go forward with in the application process.

Monday, June 6, 2011

5 Benefits to Using a Mortgage Broker

Are you ready to start exploring your financing options for purchasing a home? While there are many different types of loans available to select from, one of the first things you will need to determine is whether you want to work with a mortgage broker or with a bank. Here's a look at some of the benefits associated with working with a broker rather than a bank.

Benefit #1: A broker Works for You

Perhaps the greatest benefit to working with a mortgage broker rather than a bank is the fact that the broker works for you. When you go to a bank to secure a mortgage loan, the bank specialist is solely concerned with the interest of the financial institution. The mortgage broker, on the other hand, is looking out for your best interest as he or she searches for the loan and institution that is best for you.

Benefit #2: Choose from a Wider Variety of Institutions

When you go to a bank to inquire about a mortgage loan, the bank specialist is only representing one financial institution. When you work with a mortgage broker, on the other hand, he or she works with a wide variety of different institutions. As a result, you have a broader range of loan options to select from. Not only can this help you get the best rates, but it also increases your chances of obtaining approval even if you have poor credit.

Benefit #3:brokers are Highly Trained

While bank specialists do not require any formal training or license, the same is not true of mortgage brokers. In fact, most Provinces require mortgage brokers to meet a strict set of requirements, Furthermore, mortgage brokers must be licensed and must complete continuing education courses in order to remain licensed in most Provinces. As such, you can be sure the mortgage broker you work with is current on the latest real estate and mortgage financing rules and events.

Benefit #4: Reducing Credit Report Inquiries

Each time your credit report is pulled by a lending institution, your credit score may take a hit. When you work with a broker, your credit report only needs to be pulled once in order to recommend the best options. If you go to multiple banks, on the other hand, your credit report will be pulled each time you inquire into a loan.

Benefit #5: Submit Your Information Only Once

After you have submitted all of the necessary information to your mortgage broker, he or she will pass all of the required information on to those mortgage lenders that might be a good fit for you. As such, you are able to submit your information to multiple lenders while only filling out the necessary paperwork one time.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

What Is The Alienation Clause In A Mortgage Loan?

An alienation clause in a mortgage e contract gives the lender certain stated rights when there is a transfer of ownership in the property. It may also be referred to as a due on sale clause. This is designed to limit the debtor's right to transfer property without they creditor's permission. Depending on the actual wording of the clause, alienation may be triggered by a transfer of title, by transfer of a significant interest in the property, or even by abandonment of the property. Transfer of a significant interest can be construed as an obvious long-term lease, but often is also interpreted to cover a lease with option to buy or a land contract.

On sale or transfer of a significant interest in the property, the lender will often have the right to accele rate the debt, change the interest rate, or charge a hefty assumption fee. Adjustable rate mortgage loans seldom have an alienation clause that calls for an interest rate change since the rate can already be adjusted under the original contract. An ARM loan may have other alienation provisions, however, such as an assumption fee. The lender may choose which, if any, options stated in the contract it chooses to enforce. This is true for most conventional loans. Although FHA and VA loans cannot, technically, have alienation clauses, they still attempt to restrict transfers in other ways, such as by reserving the right to approve a new debtor who will take over an FHA or VA loan.

For conventional loans, states tried to restrict enforcement of due on sale clauses. But in the 1982 landmark U.S. Supreme Court case of Fidelity Savings and loan v. De La Cuesta, ET. Al., the Court ruled that federally chartered S & Ls could follow federal Office of Thrift Supervision rules allowing due on sale clauses, instead of following state laws that attempted to limit this right. Later that same year, the U.S. Congress passed the Deposit Insurance Flexibility Act extending this right of pre-emption of state laws limiting due on sale clauses so all lenders can now enforce due on sale clauses.

This law has led to a new problem that has yet to be addressed adequately. Lenders often have aalienation clouse clauses and prepayment clauses in contract. Essentially, the lender could collect additional fees or penalties twice, once under the provisions of each clause. Several rules or regulations have been proposed that would eliminate this problem by forcing lenders to choose to enforce one or the other of these clauses, but no new rules have yet been enacted. Of course, with increased competition in the home mortgage market, lenders do not have free reign to charge exorbitant fees. It is important, nevertheless, for buyers and sellers (and others) to be aware that this situation may exist.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Basic Mortgage Comparison Tips And Tricks

Assuming the day has finally arrived and you want buy your dream home. The odds are quite high that you do not have the whole amount required to finance the purchase in full. Rather, just like purchasing an auto mobile, you would probably opt to put up a small percentage down, and then make monthly payments towards the remaining amount. This is what is known as a mortgage loan .

Just like with any other purchase, comparison shopping is the key when it comes to financing your dream home. The wide gamut of terms and conditions associated with different categories of mortgage plans can be very nerve-racking, a situation that may leave most home buyers unsure of how to approach the process.

In order to get the best possible loan, you will need to use a comparison strategy that addresses key points including the interest rate, the tenure, the terms and conditions, and any other applicable fees,

The interest rate is the first point of comparison. Always get a rate that would be in your best interest. Mortgage loans could have variable or fixed rates that are subject to changes over the loan tenure. By projecting the course in which the economy is likely to take over the tenure, you can be able to decide on the best type of interest rate. A fixed rate is one that remains 'fixed' till the loan comes to maturity while a variable or adjustable rate is one which fluctuates with the changing economic times.

The loan term is the other aspect of the comparison process you should focus on. You should identify the most preferred term of your loan. mortgages typically come written for tenures of 15, 20, 25, or 30 years. The best tenure will always be determined by your income level, and the amount of interest that each offer attracts.

As is therefore expected, a 30-year credit will attract lower payments than its 15-year counterpart, but the buyer will not experience much savings as they would have with the 15-year credit. The idea here therefore is to ensure that the monthly payments you make are reasonable enough in comparison to your net income. This way, you will see to it that the balance left will be able to cater to other financial obligations without affecting your payment schedule.

It could be tempting to stop your comparison shopping the moment you find the ideal rate and term, but it is advisable you delve deeper into what the contract of the loan provides and consider other equally important things such as applicable fees. For instance, should you opt for bi-weekly or weekly payments; you may incur processing fees which may negate the gains you make from the low interest rate.

The idea here is to account for all applicable fees and have a rough estimate of just how much you will end up paying once the deal is done. In some situations, you may discover that opting for an arrangement that otherwise seems to carry a somewhat higher rate but has no applicable fees could actually be much cheaper in the long run.

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Compare Realty Mortgage Rates On The Internet Before Applying

Many property owners take a realty mortgage using their property as collateral. The lender need not know what the loan is going to be used for. It could be to buy a new property, make repairs on existing property, pay children's tuition fees or be used for medical expenses. The borrower has to be very careful and be sure they absolutely need the loan before applying for one. Make sure the repayment terms are comfortable and you can meet them without defaulting.

If you take a realty mortgage and default in payment, you can end up losing your home. For example, a homeowner can use his or her property to take a loan and use the amount to finance a new business venture. If the business does well, then he will be able to payback the loan amounts comfortably. On the other hand, if the business goes bust and he loses the money, he may find himself unable to repay the mortgage amount, lose his house and be left on the streets with no work and no home. Hence taking a realty mortgage is a very critical decision.

Lenders always make sure the borrower has assured monthly income before approving the mortgage amount. If property prices are high in the place where you live, it is beneficial, for you can get a very good loan amount. Make sure you get a professional appraiser to value your property before applying for the realty mortgage so that you get the best loan amount. A home loan calculator can be used to check what your liabilities will be before you go ahead and apply for the loan.

There are a few steps that can be followed to get the best realty mortgage.

• You must have a good credit rating to qualify for a loan
• Thoroughly research different lending institutions to ensure you get the best possible terms
• Use the internet to compare rates of different financial institutions
• Make a list of a few promising companies and take time to visit them and get a clearer picture about the type of mortgage they offer and the terms and conditions.

If you do not have the time to visit lending institutions, then get the help of an established realty broker who can guide you to the right lender. Whether you seek a home loan for a new home or a realty mortgage on an existing property, remember the lender will take over the title deed of the property and hold it until the loan is fully paid up. If the borrower defaults, the lender has the right to foreclose the loan and repossess the property. He then has the right to sell the repossessed property and use the sale proceeds to recover his loan amount.

This is why using a home loan calculator before getting a loan is a smart move. By using this calculator, you can exactly know how much loan amount to take and what the monthly installments will be. Based on your present salary and expected expenses, you can determine whether to go ahead and take the loan. A higher loan amount will mean higher rates of interest and higher monthly installments. So be extremely careful and don't take too high an amount if you cannot afford to pay it back.

A home loan calculator is a marvelous online tool for those who need to know how big a loan they can afford, how much income you will need to be eligible for a specific loan amount, whether to take a fixed or adjustable rate of interest, period of the loan and more. Remember realty mortgages or home loans are usually long term commitments of at least 30 years. Calculate your age and see if you can still be able to continue your repayments in the future. Some people seek home refinance options if the prevailing interest rates are low and use the new loan to payback existing home loans.

There are different types of home loans available and for those who do not qualify in the regular way, there are 'no credit check' loans. Lenders will be willing to offer home loans without a check for bad credit. Instead, they can run a background check for employment status, address, family background, if the borrower has filed for bankruptcy and such. If the individual passes the required criteria, the bank or financial institution will approve the home loan.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Reverse Mortgage Loans - Are There Any Dangers?

Recently a large number of retired individuals have started opting for reverse mortgage loans. These loans help them get extra money to meet the increasing prices caused by the inflation. Due to the financial crisis in the country; the inflation has risen to a record high and during these hard times whatever investments these retired people made in the past are not providing enough income that can cover even their necessary expenses. In such conditions, reverse mortgage seem to be a blessing for them. Nevertheless, there are many dangers involved in this kind of loan program that everyone should be aware of.

Reverse mortgage loans are different from other loans. Here the lender doesn't demand monthly payments; instead they lend money to the borrowers on their approved terms so that they can cover up their monthly expenses or get the money in case of an emergency. The basic requirement of this loan program is that the borrower should own a house in which he or she resides and that property should have considerable value. This value can be used by the lender as collateral for the loan. When the owner of the house dies or moves away then the house can be sold to extract the money used by the borrower.

However, in recent years the laws of the reverse mortgage have been changed by the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Department. Many banks like Bank of America and Wells Fargo have stopped offering reverse mortgage loan. Several banks have also changed their lending channels that used to offer these loans. They are doing so because many foreclosures have occurred due to the changed policy and now it has become unacceptable for them as they have to sustain the loss when the borrowers of this loan are unable to pay back the money. In many cases the value of houses has reduced and the owners have taken out more money than the approved value of their home. When they die, sale of their houses do not provide the lenders enough money and they have to cover up the leftover expenses from their accounts.

Therefore, it is professional's advice that the elderly people who want to apply for reverse mortgage must attend the counseling sessions that are offered or they should talk about this loan program with a financial advisor who will guide them appropriately what they should do. Many experts believe that this loan program should be kept as a last resort and other options that are available must be tried first to make lives less complicated.

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

5 Important Steps to Uncovering Mortgage Fraud

There are numerous con artists and scammers that prey upon homeowners who are having a hard time making payments on their mortgages, promising to save their homes and get rid of their debts.

These deceiving alleged foreclosure or mortgage consultants often use lists purchased from private businesses to target troubled borrowers. They may also offer to easily stop foreclosure or save hopeless homeowners from foreclosure through e-mail, phone calls, advertising, or in person.

If one suspects they're dealing with foreclosure fraud or wrongful foreclosure look for these types of common foreclosure fraud scams:

• Scam artists may "guarantee" to save one's home from foreclosure. They will tell someone to make his mortgage payments directly to them so they can forward payments to his lender when really they may pocket his money and leave him in worse shape on his loan.

• Scam artists create Web sites that resemble federal Web sites and use business names similar to those used by government agencies. These scammers use this scheme to fool someone into thinking they are approved by, or associated with, the federal government.

• Many con artists will persuade someone to transfer the title of their home to them with promises of new and better financing. They may say to him that he can rent his home and eventually buy it back. But, if he does not comply with the terms of the rent-to-buy agreement, he can very likely lose his money and home. These con artists have no intention of ever selling one's home back and they don't care that this is considered illegal wrongful foreclosure.

• Some scam artists may claim bankruptcy will solve one's problems. But in actuality filing for bankruptcy is rarely a permanent solution to prevent foreclosure. Filing for bankruptcy stops any collection and foreclosure action while the bankruptcy court administers the case. Eventually, one must make payments on his mortgage, or the lender has the right to foreclose.

• Several con artists use wrongful foreclosure legal arguments to persuade someone that they can "eliminate" one's debt and that he is not obligated to pay back his mortgage. They make inaccurate claims about applicable laws and finance, such as nonexistent laws that allow one to erase his debts or that imply that banks do not have the authority to lend money.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Considerations of a Florida Mortgage Refinance for Investors and Property Owners

Florida mortgage refinance can be beneficial for property owners within the Sunshine State. This state has witnessed a high level of foreclosure rates which resulted in plummeting property values and left many borrowers owing more than their home is worth.

Entering into Florida mortgage refinance can help homeowners reduce monthly loan installments through the reduction of assessed interest. This can be particularly helpful to investors offering rental properties.

Many investors can no longer charge the high rental rates often associated with vacation rentals and beachfront property because of economic conditions. A large percentage of investors are now charging less than their mortgage payment in attempt to generate cash flow through investment properties.

A recent report published by industry expert, Zillow, states of the 13,000 plus homes for sale in Florida nearly one-quarter are bank owned properties. Once banks regain ownership of foreclosure real estate they often list houses for sale below market value to recover losses incurred by the repossession process.

Due to the abundance of discounted properties many Florida homeowners and investors are holding onto properties because they cannot obtain fair market value. Combined with fewer buyers and tightened lending criteria those who are buying houses often turn to bank foreclosures as a way to save money.

Refinancing real estate loans lets mortgagors obtain reduced payments so they can keep their property until market conditions improve. Reduced payments also let investors' lower rental rates without incurring a financial loss.

Multiple factors should be considered before applying for Florida refi. The first consideration is to determine current rate of interest vs. reduced rate of interest. Borrowers should be able to reduce interest by at least 1.5- to 2-percent for this to be a viable option.

Another critical element is determining if the current loan includes a prepayment penalty. This information is provided in the Truth in Lending (TIL) statement attached to loan documents. Mortgage lenders often assess penalties when borrowers' payoff loans early. This can amount to several thousand dollars.

Prepayment clauses vary by lender. Some are in place during the first 5 years. Others reduce the rate of penalty over the course of the loan. Florida property owners who obtained financing through chartered credit unions or hold VA or FHA loans are exempt from prepayment penalties.

A third consideration is the amount of refinance rates. In Florida, the average cost of mortgage refinance ranges between $2500 and $6000. This includes the cost of loan application, loan origination, real estate appraisals and inspections, legal fees, and various closing costs.

Lastly, Florida property owners must determine if they hold sufficient home equity to qualify for refinancing. Within the Sunshine State, lenders require a minimum of 5-percent accrued equity before even considering review of loan applications.

One program that can be helpful to borrowers owing more than their property is worth, but need refinancing help to reduce loan installments, is Making Home Affordable. This program is sponsored by the U.S. government and offered to mortgagors with Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac loans. Program details are provided at

It is always best to consult with a tax accountant or mortgage consultant to determine if Florida mortgage refinance is a financially-sound decision. Take time to calculate the true cost of refinancing to prevent placing personal finances and property at risk.

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

STAR Servicer - Total Achievement and Rewards Program for Mortgage Servicers

As the fall out continues with the countrywide 50 state investigations, lending servicers who are responsible for bill collection of mortgage payments and other aspects of mortgage servicing for investors, it has come to the attention of the government how badly these companies are run. Fourteen companies have been under review and all of them have been found to violate foreclosure laws. Fannie Mae and other government agencies have been discussing how to best improve our mortgage servicing and lending here in the United States. Fannie Mae has come up with a performance program to help assist mortgage servicers' to get it right and to stay within the boundaries of the law. This ultimately will help ensure the health of our housing economy and help support the housing recovery.

Not only will servicers be facing no procedures, they will also be facing harsh fines as a group entity. These fees could total over 20 million; however, this is just an estimation of what they could be paying for violating foreclosure laws.

Fannie Mae on Wednesday announced the STAR (Servicer Total Achievement and Rewards); the program is designed to better assist and will help examine how the servicers help homeowners avoid foreclosure. The goal of this new program is to set clear expectations and specific measurements to help Fannie Mae and servicers increase focus on avoiding foreclosure.

As more and more news comes out about how servicers' have violated foreclosure laws, this program is an ongoing effort to hold servicers accountable. So how will this work? Each servicer will be given a servicer performance scorecard, which in turn will provide feedback on a monthly basis. With this program it should help servicers see where they need improvement and overall performance. Top ranking servicer's will become eligible to receive monthly incentive awards and recognition. Also, top ranking servicer's performance will be made public in an annual scorecard. Many believe this program will help gear better customer service to home owners, help with the housing recovery, and keep the servicers on the right track.

This will also help the federal government to set guidelines and regulations in place for the mortgage servicing industry. As the mortgage industry and bank industry is reviewed by the government to find a solution and to prevent another financial crises,it seems many changes are going to happen over the next few months and years. As we wait and see if the HAMP program and other federal programs will stick around, it is good to know servicers will now be regulated better in hopes of making the homeowner ship experience safer for everyone.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The 1% Rule of Mortgage Refinance

Is the 1% Rule the best way to decide whether to refinance? In other words, if I can reduce my interest rate by 1% should I refinance?

Some people think so. Let's look at a few ideas and then you tell me if it is the best way for you to decide. What are you trying to accomplish? Are you trying to reduce your interest rate which will lower your monthly payment, or are you trying to reduce your total cost of the loan (current interest obligations vs. interest obligations of new loan plus refinancing costs)? Interest obligations of new loan don't only reflect the interest rate though. The length of the mortgage has a lot to do with it too. Are you going back to 30 years, or will you go to a lesser term (15, 20 or 25 years)? This impacts on your total cost too.

Maybe what you want or need is a lower monthly payment. You have to consider just reducing your monthly payment on the mortgage alone vs. reducing your total monthly payments by including your credit cards too. Are you afraid you won't be able to keep up your current payments and you stand to lose your good credit rating or even your home?

Lowering your monthly payment on your mortgage alone while going back out to 30 years may or may not result in a total savings over the life of the loan. When you include your credit cards and their higher interest rates in the equation, your chances for saving on a mortgage refinance increases.

How long do you plan to live in your present home? It takes time to recoup the cost of refinancing. The longer you plan on staying put, the greater your chance of generating savings by refinancing your mortgage.

You can see how this is different than just lowering your interest rate. The 1% Rule doesn't always work so well. Decide what you need or want before moving on to whether you should refinance. Then, a mortgage professional can run some numbers and help you decide.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

How to Apply for a Bad Credit Mortgage

Applying for a bad credit mortgage can be difficult, but there are some steps to making it easier. Banks usually require that a borrower has a low debt ratio, good credit history, and a stable income. If a borrower is lacking one of these factors it may be more difficult to get a loan. Listed below are some helpful tips you should consider when applying for a bad credot mortgage.

To qualify for a home loan, the lenders will often look at your credit rating and history. Credit can become bad for a number of reasons but no matter what the cause, bad credit will create problems if you want a new mortgage on your house. You should start by getting a full credit report and assessment on your financial situation. This will help you to find out your credit score and how difficult it will be to get a bad credit mortgage.

Even if a bad credit is inevitable, try to improve your score as much as possible. This will greatly increase your qualifying chances and lower the interest rates for your loan. If there are any inaccuracies with your financial history, contact your bank and try to get them resolved.

A bad credit mortgage status is usually the result of a maxed out credit account or late payments on your previous financial loans. This can make it difficult or even impossible to get accepted for a mortgage with standard rates. You may get accepted but the interest rates will be much higher. If you want to save money, try waiting until your score improves before reapplying.

FHA mortgages are the best deals for people who have bad loan histories. This deal does not require the applicant to have an excellent credit record to get a low interest rate since it is a government program. Home loans can be made with a low down payment, which creates a lot more opportunities for people do not have a lot of money available.

To qualify for the FHA mortgage, borrowers will need to prove that their income is enough to make the payments every month. For this deal, the house value and size of the loan are very important factors for qualify. Not every area has government bad credit mortgage loans, so check where you are to see if there are any available. The FHA loan is limited to the county where the house is located. This type of bad credit mortgage loan should be on the top of your list, but keep other options available in case there is a better deal elsewhere.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Mortgage Modification Company Could Be A Bad Idea

It 's really hard to see that we as a people have not learned from our past and are once again starting to repeat it. I'm not trying to be negative just for the reason of bringing down your hopes but I'm trying to save some trouble for someone and hoping that someone will pay very close attention to what I am about to say.

Just in case you have missed the majority of the last couple years, PLEASE NOTE: MODIFICATION COMPANIES ARE A ROTTEN! Please know that I am, saying this since I have lived and worked on all 3 sides of the business. After having experienced what it's like to be involved on both sides of the business I can truly say that there are so many potholes for the average Homeowner that tries try to navigate the Loan Modification / Foreclosure Defense process alone.

There are so many little things that can be missed while going it alone in matters of Foreclosure. If you miss one piece of mail After all it is your HOUSE and your family safety on the line. The CONS are endless, people impersonating Attorneys, altering numbers on HUD statements so they can pocket the difference through title. What is wrong with society today, its almost as if the whole world has gone crazy? If you are a mortgage holder at risk losing your house to foreclosure, the best advice I can give you is to think clearly and evaluate the situation from a calm perspective with a Loved one (someone you trust) and brainstorm for a solution or plan of action after you have taken the time to research a good attorney who has given you a professional perspective on the subject.

After having worked in the Mortgage Biz for years, I left because I saw where the business was heading and I really didn't want to have to bear the burden of guilt for putting people in Loans I didn't agree with. It always seemed that in the Mortgage business the only thing they cared about were numbers, volume of sales and Yield Spread, to be more exact it was all about anything that packed more money in everyone's pocket.

The truth is I really feel good about what I do now because I know we are genuinely helping people and I know that our attorney is governed and held accountable by the Bar Association in our state. It's much more comforting to work in an industry where the agency regulating your industry plays more of an active roll in protecting the public. Do your homework and THOROUGHLY investigate any firm before hiring them to save your biggest asset and the place you call "home." Most State Bar Association Sites have a member search which can help you get a background report on who you are considering to protect your home.

Just think about it before you trust anyone other than a Licensed Attorney to protect your house. Would you give another Penny to the slime that sold you your Predatory Mortgage in the first place? Remember, statistics show that most of those same brokers transitioned from Mortgage Lending into "Home Saving," so think about that before you let them make you a victim a second time.

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