Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Maximizing Your Response From Mortgage Leads

If you have been in the mortgage business for a long time, you already know the ins and outs of the trade. You know how much the business has changed ever since the start of the financial crisis. Earlier it was easier to get qualified mortgage leads. The percentage of Internet mortgage leads that fructified was a lot higher, and home owners were more patient, but not anymore.

In this market, being a mortgage broker is a difficult business. The lenders are worried about their money, and home-owners are worried about the values of their homes, and whether they will be able to pay for them. How can you make new loans on your mortgage leads when the values of homes have dropped? That’s why most of the Internet mortgage leads are proving to be duds.

The second reason is that the Internet mortgage leads from most sources aren’t being kept up to date. Earlier when the market was hot a lot more people were applying for loans and families were interested in refinancing their mortgages, but now the mortgage market is dull, and the mortgage leads are ineffective because people are so worried about their mortgages that they don’t want to change a thing.

In such a competitive market, you need to pursue your mortgage leads in a highly scientific manner so that you can get the most results and turn every prospect into a customer. The secret is not to be selling mortgage. Nobody wants to buy a fresh mortgage, but everybody wants to understand how they can save money on the mortgage and enter into friendlier terms that will let them keep their houses. You can convert your Internet mortgage leads into long term sales if you become more of a counselor than a salesman.

Instead of asking the consumers if they want to refinance, or if they want a new mortgage, try to ask if they need help or advice with managing their mortgage and their property. By establishing rapport with them in this manner you can be the person to help sell them a fresh mortgage. Many of your customers may not immediately turn into sales this way, but by establishing a relationship with the consumers whom fill out Internet mortgage leads, you can ensure business later when they need to buy a mortgage, or business can come your way through references.

The secret to staying in the mortgage market right now is not to be greedy. Instead be a good listener and know your facts well. If you can give useful information to one of your mortgage leads, they will never forget you, and they will come to you for business again and again. Your Internet mortgage leads can become a lifelong customer this way.

Another thing you need to remember is that when you buy non-exclusive Internet mortgage leads you are competing with other mortgage brokers who have bough the same leads. To get an edge over the competition, you need to do something extra. You need to prove that you’re a better broker than your competition. And you can impress your mortgage leads by showing them that you’re better informed, you care about their interests, and that you’re not just there to make some quick money.

By: Groshan Fabiola

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