Thursday, April 2, 2009

Managing Your Debts Without Borrowing

In case you feel that you aren't able to repay the rent or mortgage on time (and this, sadly enough, happens quite often this days, thanks to the crisis), it is wise for you to speak with your creditor. Some lenders are being more flexible these days and will allow you to stretch out your due date to the time you will be paid by your employer. In case the credit doesn't have any interest with it, you can also consider working out a repayment schedule to help you cover the debt in a less stressful fashion. But before you consider such measures, you have to make sure that there are no additional fees for such things. You also have to keep in mind that this being late on your payments will affect your credit rating.

Some employers allow their workers to get cash advance on their paychecks before the pay date. If speaking technically, it's not a loan as it is, but simply a part of the sum you will receive with your paycheck that will be subtracted from it. Before applying for such an advance, you have to make sure that your employer doesn't have any special restrictions or limits on how often you are able to take such measures.

Of course, in case you are experience financial trouble, it is not very bright for you to buy expensive things, even if you need them. If your car needs a repair, you can take public transportation or ask your trusty co-workers to give you a lift for some time, until you're through with your repayments. This will save you much money on gas, and allow you to accumulate enough cash to perform the repair or reimburse your debt.

Consider using your savings or deposit account instead of borrowing money or taking another credit. Of course, you will have to repay the account just like you will repay the debt.

Your community can host special assistance problems to households experiencing financial problems, so you should check if there's one in your area and you apply for it. Sometimes the conditions with such programs are very advantageous and can help you out with your debts.

Think about selling some things you don't really need. Of course, you can be emotionally attached to that expensive couch or the painting on your wall, but sometimes it's the necessary cost of getting out of debt you should consider sacrificing. You can also work some extra hours to get extra money, especially considering that overtime rates are higher. However, some employers discourage overtime workers thanks again to the economical crisis.

You can also consider speaking to your family or friends regarding financial support. Of course, no one wants to mix finance with relations but sometimes it is necessary. Borrowing from your friends is still a better option than going for payday loans. Of course you can consider the latter if you are sure you will pay out the loan pretty quick. Still, it's not recommended to run into more debts just to repay the previous ones – it is quite dangerous finance-wise.

By: David Mayer

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