Sunday, June 14, 2009

Own A Full Service Mortgage Bank Cooperation With Out Stressing Yourself Out

Have you seen a net branch of any company function? There is so much happening behind the scenes and the client is never aware of it. In a similar manner when you become a retail outlet for the products of SouthWest Funding you get all those services that they can offer in the mortgage field to a loan officer loan broker as a bonus. So what are these advantages that you can look forward to? Here’s a list of the key things that you as a mortgage banker will be able to get from SouthWest Funding.

Team Support – There is a trained group of individuals who can help you do employment mortgage and with all other financial products of SouthWest Funding and all the required areas of operations in the branch. Mortgage Employment can ease you out when you have a great team working round the clock to support you. Specially when this is a highly specialized team of supporting staff who can help you with loan scenarios and lender set-up. What more could a loan officer look for in his team? For this excellent team support alone it would be worth while being associated with this company.

Multi-State Licensing – This is a major advantage that you would have compared to regular mortgage brokers. Getting mortgage licenses for so many states is difficult if not impossible for an individual, but as a branch office of SouthWest Funding it is served up to you on a platter. If you have tried getting the license on your own as an individual you will really appreciate this. Not to forget the enhanced prestige of working with a national company. You, as a member of the SouthWest Funding team get the same national brand recognition as the other branches in the country do.

Caring Parent Company – As opposed to being a direct lender it makes sense to be part of a larger company as a mortgage broker when it gives you all the benefits that SouthWest Funding does. For instance you can actually look forward to less overhead costs as a functioning unit as you will be offloading many key and expensive functions to the parent company. The areas that will get off loaded include certain infrastructure costs, accounting and payroll costs, conducting audits and other such functions. This mortgage company makes life as simple as possible for its associates.

Specialized Help for each Branch – The DO and LP automated underwriting is available in all the offices. FHA and VA approval is sought for and received by the parent company for all its branch offices. It also makes sense financially to become a mortgage broker for SouthWest Funding as they also give a 100% pay out on the fees that you earn. There is even a smaller per file administration fee that you need to pay. Plus you have the solid financial support of a well established company which will not roll over in the next financial crisis and die giving you additional tensions.

This is the best way to own your own bank and be stress free.

By: Southwest Funding

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