Friday, July 17, 2009

Mortgage Rates: The New Way To Uncovering Timely Information

A borrower is not always required to visit their bank or a mortgage lender only to see the current day's home mortgage loan rates. That's the archaic way of doing things. The more convenient way is getting it on the internet, which makes getting mortgage rates a whole lot faster and easier. The feat can be done in under five minutes at the convenience of your home or even phone if you have internet access on the phone.

Getting a mortgage loan rate from an online mortgage website can be very advantageous to homeowners due to the reasons that follow:

1. You receive a quick response from reputable mortgage lenders and brokers as compared to your typical bank with limited programs inside of 24 to 48 hours.
2. Online consumers get the benefit of receiving multiple interest rate quotes which permit you to analyze and compare rates, fees, pros and cons offered by each company.
3. You will have a pre-approved home loan mortgage rate quote much before you have chosen a home. This becomes extremely helpful and letsyou know the mortgage loan amount you are qualified to get based on your salary or self-employed earnings as well as other credit and financial criteria.

A mortgage loan typically covers a large quantity of items such as a mortgage for buying a home, refinancing a mortgage, a mortgage for home equity, debt consolidation mortgage. In all of these cases involving various loan types, the home you get or already have will be considered collateral for the mortgage.

For prospective mortgagees, it is strongly suggested to learn and understand mortgages better so that you can negotiate with the lender or broker for better rates and terms. Getting your home mortgage loan rate quote is just the initial phase in the process. Here are a few quick definitions of some of these terms relating to mortgages that you should get familiar with:

Good faith estimate: This is the standardized form listing all the costs, taxes and associated fees with your home refinance or purchase itemized so you will have a very close indication of what it will cost yo to obtain said loan. Moreover, some fees are negotiable so it is wise to review then check back with your loan officer of what can may be reduced if applicable.

There are basically two kinds of interest rates for home loans.
Fixed rate mortgage: The interest rates are fixed for the life-period of the mortgage loan. Your monthly mortgage payments will be fixed as well.

Adjustable rate mortgage: The interest rate is not fixed during the whole term but may be fixed for the first year or upto ten years fixed. After that, the rate may vary on a monthly basis related to the market rate fluctuations.

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