Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mortgage Loan Modification - 4 Effective Ways To Make Your Application A Success

Over a million of loan modification applications have been approved by participating lenders, preventing borrowers from going through hassle of dealing with foreclosure. The sad truth is that many more applications were denied, mostly due to simple mistakes or filing errors. What many people do not realize is that loan modification denial most commonly happens due to their own fault, as they fail to comply with guidelines set by modification program, do not properly communicate with their lender, or make other mistakes that could have been easily avoided.

To avoid going through modification process second time, it is important to do everything right the first time. Below are the tips that may help you to make your loan modification application a successful one.

Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

Loan modification program is not perfect, as government adopted it under public pressure and time constraints. Therefore, there are changes made to it constantly, aiming to improve it. Becoming familiar with constantly changing laws that regulate loan modification is necessary. Make sure you know what you are entitled to and what is required of you under modification program.

Get Professionals on Your Side

Since laws are hard to comprehend by most people, it is highly advisable to get and experienced and knowledgeable professional on your side. A professional in loan modification may not only provide you with general guidance, but also spot mistakes in your application before your lender processes it. Remember: your chances of being approved are lesser, should your first modification application be rejected.

Make Sure Your Application Is Complete

Incomplete applications that lack required documents are the most common reason for loan modification denial. It is important to have your application package double-checked before sending it to lender. It is always better to have a loan modification expert look at your paperwork to ensure everything is in place, including your financials, bank statements, paystubs, and so forth. In case you miss some valuable documentation, your application may be denied.

Always Follow Up On Your Application

Despite the fact that government made all the steps to speed up the application processing times, some lenders are quite slow. It is important to communicate with your lender on a constant basis to ensure timely processing of your application. In addition, proper communication may help reveal imperfections on your application, such as lacking documents, and give you sufficient time to gather and submit those before a final decision is made.

Above steps may help you to get approved for a loan modification and to avoid mistakes that people most commonly make. If you are unsure of how the entire process works, seek the help of modification experts. Many resources offer consultations free of charge or for a nominal fee that may help to clear up many uncertain issues. There are also companies that provide an objective assessment of your case, establish eligibility, and assist in loan modification application preparation. Using professional services may greatly improve your chances of success. Remember: you are the one in trouble, and every effort should be made to protect your most valued asset – your home from going into foreclosure.