Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fixed Rate Mortgage and Variable Rate Mortgages

Increasingly popular Variable Rate Mortgages over the last several years helps pay down your mortgage faster. Variable Rate Mortgages are becoming increasing popular among mortgage hunters. This mortgage caters to the higher risk threshold customers and hope that the bank rate will remain stable.

The main differences between Fixed Rate mortgage and Variable Rate Mortgages are how the increase rates are set. Fixed Rate mortgages have a set interest rate, and Variable Rate mortgages are based on the Bank Rate. The chartered banks add the premium to the bank rate to create the prime rate and this helps lenders price their Variable Rate Mortgage products. The fixed rates mortgage is based on the bond market and is controlled. They fluctuate with political, corporate and economic conditions. This will change both mortgage rates in a round about way. So time is very important to your mortgage hunting and you should be ready for the change in the political controlled world when it comes to your mortgage.

The main decision you have to make is how your mortgage fits your lifestyle and your financial household needs. Doing your home work on mortgages is very important. Fixed Rate mortgages can be a more controlled mortgage, but a Variable Rate mortgage can be risky if the market is going through many changes.

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