Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mortgage Life Insurance Protection

Mortgage life insurance is an insurance policy taken out on the life of the homeowner who has obtained the mortgage. This mortgage life insurance policy is aimed at paying any outstanding mortgage debt upon the death of the insured. To protect their investments, many companies provide mortgage life insurance in association with an insurance company. This mortgage life insurance ensures that the balance mortgage is comes from the insurance company in the event of death of the borrower.

There are two types of mortgage life insurances that borrowers can opt for, namely decreasing term insurance and level term insurance. Borrowers can choose among these on the basis of the kind of mortgage they have obtained that may be a repayment mortgage or an interest only mortgage. Decreasing term insurance is exclusively created for the borrowers who have taken a mortgage. This is preferred by mortgage borrowers because as the balance on the mortgage decreases, the coverage also decreases. This makes sure that at any given time, there are sufficient funds to pay off the balance in case the borrower dies. Level term insurance is for borrowers who have an interest only mortgage. The sum of the coverage remains the same, as the principal never reduces.

Terminal illness benefits are included in both the types of mortgage life insurance to protect the borrowers against having to repay the mortgage in case of any terminal illness. Critical illness coverage is an option that can be added as an additional coverage along with the policy or even as a stand-alone coverage. This allows the borrowers to receive payments in case they are diagnosed with a critical illness. Mortgage life insurance offers protection against the survivors of the borrowers losing their homes, if they are unable to make the monthly payments.

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