Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mortgage Underwriter

The mortgage underwriter understands the mortgage loan qualification, approval, and pre-approval. He makes the decision if the borrower qualifies for the mortgage. If the mortgage application fails to meet the qualification level, he determines the best mortgage loan options for the borrower.

To qualify for the mortgage, the mortgage underwriter basically looks at the credit history, credit score, down payment, equity, income, and outstanding loan. So, he also understands how to repair bad credit rating, and increase the credit score.

The credit history tells how the borrower pays off loan obligation. As you pay off the mortgage, the Credit Score increases. A high score is a positive indicator. The borrower will possibly be approved for the mortgage.

The income and debt ratio helps the mortgage underwriter prove that the income is enough to cover the mortgage, and outstanding loan. To prove, the mortgage underwriter verifies all the different source of income.

First, the loan officer prepares the necessary documents for the mortgage application. Then, the loan officer enters the personal and credit information into the underwriting system. The system checks the qualification of the information. Eventually, the loan officer gets the qualified application. Then, the loan officer sends the qualified application to the mortgage underwriter. The mortgage underwriter verifies the documents including pay stubs, and bank statements. If there are missing documents and unsatisfactory documents, the mortgage underwriter asks the borrower to provide the documents. This makes sure that the borrower has enough income to pay off the mortgage. Finally, the mortgage underwriter gives the final approval.

All these steps ensure that there is absence of fraud, and meets the standards in which the mortgage are insurable, and serviceable. So, the mortgage underwriter knows the good and bad practice on mortgage application. The standards are set by the company and government.

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